Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure, using long flowing strokes, with some deeper spot work on problem areas. Designed to flush the muscles of metabolic wastes, shorten recovery time from muscular strain, provide deep relaxation, sooth nerves and manage stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm deep massage to muscles and connective tissue. The focus of deep tissue massage is to relieve chronic muscle tension and adhesions which limit range of motion, block circulation, cause pain and discomfort as well as postural distortions.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, flat, heated basalt stones are used to ease muscles tension deep into the tissues. Long flowing, gliding strokes as well as deeper focused work on problem areas may be provided. Hot stone massage varies according to need. Whether you prefer a relaxing meditative massage or deep rehabilitative work, hot stone massage is for you.

Face, Feet and Hands

Exfoliating scrubs, moist hot towels, rejuvenating masks and a pleasurable scalp massage are the highlights of this spa treatment. Your skin will be glowing, smooth and healthy. May be combined with Swedish or Hot Stone Massage for a truly delicious, decadent treat without the calories.

Outcall Massage

Would you like to have your massage in the privacy of your home, condo, hotel room or perhaps under the desert sky? Del Sol Massage provides Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage at the location of your choice. Let the sound of the river lull you into deep relaxation or allow the scent of sage and desert flowers to be your aromatherapy accompaniment to our skilled therapeutic massage.


Cliffs and canyons, sky and sand beckon all who love Moab, Utah out to explore the adventure that awaits those who love this canyon country. Day by day the ever changing and never changing ancient landscape invites us to row the river, hike, ride bikes or sit under a cottonwood tree to watch the clouds and crows float by.


Those of us who live in this beautiful desert often find ourselves physically challenged, sore from head to toe and in need of a therapeutic massage to keep us healthy and mobile. Visitors are not immune to the desert's siren call and also wonder how their muscles became so tight after a day enjoying this enticing playground.


Del Sol Massage strives to provide the highest quality massage available; putting you back on track to play another day.


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